1 Hour Cash Loans Are Very Convenient Long or Short Term Loans

You have the choice of either a long term or short term loan when it comes to borrowing money from any financial lender. Some lenders specialize in short term loans whereas others concentrate on longer term loans. Short term loans need to be repaid between 15 and 31 days from the date of the loan application being accepted whereas longer term loans can be taken out over much longer periods of time, anything from 150 days to 6 months. Fast 1 hour cash loans are a very convenient way of getting money when you really need it.

The longer you take the loan out for, the lower the rate of interest will be and when applying for this type of loan. You can decide on how you would like to receive the money and have it sent to you in the form of a check or you can have it transferred directly into your checking account. You can even have an agent bring the cash to your door should you want to get the loan without it being paid into your bank account.

There are certain conditions that apply to a 1 hour cash loan and these are as follows:

  •   Applicants must be US residents above the age of 18 years
  •   Applicants must have an average salary of a minimum of $1000
  •   Applicants must have a checking account
  •   Applicants must have an SSN
  •   Applicants must not have been declared bankrupt

If your profile matches these conditions your applications will be approved in no time at all, especially if you apply online. There is a very simple form you need to fill in and then send to your preferred lender. Once the lender has approved the loan, your money will be credited to your bank account or sent to you by check, the choice is yours.

You will not have to undergo a credit check when you apply for your loan online and you will not have to put up any security against the loan. Once the loan is approved there is no need for any further paperwork to be completed. Repayments start 6 months after the loan has been approved and the money sent to your bank account. You have the choice of repaying your loan which is a one-time total payment or smaller monthly installments.

If you decide to repay the loan in monthly installments, then this will be a more expensive way of doing it because you will have to pay higher rates of interest. Remember a bad credit cash loan is a very convenient way to get some money when you need it most, but this type of loan attracts much higher rates of interest.

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