Business Scholarships in Arkansas

Abraham Mitchell Business Scholarship

Maximum Scholarship awarded amount is $8000. Those eligible to apply are college freshmen. Requirements: Award is based upon academic achievement. Applicant must have a minimum 23 ACT score.

First Bank Corp, Business Scholarship

Upon submitting a complete application students must also be seeking a Bachelor Degree through the College of Business at UAFS.During the process, applicants will undergo a competitive interview.Up to $32,000 over four years and $5,500 per year for four years for tuition and fees $2,500 per year for four years for housing will be awarded.

Robert and Gloria Ferralasco Business Scholarship (Arkansas State University)

The Scholarship will be awarded to an incoming freshman planning to major in business at Arkansas State University. Selection is based on high academic promise. Preference will be given to those applicants who are not residents of Arkansas.

Mary Lou Wood Business Scholarship Endowment

Mary Lou Wood was a former Business Communications and Supervisor of Business Students. The Mary Lou Wood Business Scholarship Endowment is awarded to qualified students, entering as freshmen, who are graduates of Mrs. Wood

Sullivan Hispanic Scholarship in Business Endowment

This Scholarship is awarded to those students following a Business Major with a Hispanic background.

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