Business Scholarships in Kentucky

The College of Business Administration Scholarship

Candidates will be evaluated and recommended for awards by the College of Business scholarship committee, a standing committee which evaluates and recommends awards for this and other scholarship funds under the direction of the College of Business. The scholarship committee is comprised of faculty members in the College of Business and is subject to the rules and procedures of the College of Business. Recommendations for the awarding of scholarships are sent to the Dean of the College. The College of Business Administration Scholarship Committee may designate an amount of funds to be awarded at the discretion of the Dean of the Gordon Ford College of Business.

Connie Lawson Endowed Business Scholarship

An eligible junior business student must meet the following requirements: have at least a 2.5 GPA, and an initial geographic preference of eastern Kentucky, including the Ashland area. The scholarship is renewable for up to two years provided the recipient maintains at least a 2.5 GPA. Students wishing to apply for this scholarship should complete the EKU Scholarship Application.

Robert L. Herrmann Business Endowed Scholarship

The Robert L. Herrmann Endowed Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement of a College of Business student was established in 1997 through the generosity of Dorothy Westerman Herrmann in honor of her late husband. The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize the outstanding academic achievement of an undergraduate student who is majoring (major or pre-major) in a College of Business discipline at NKU.

Eva G. Farris Business Endowed Scholarship

The endowment funds create scholarship support for those students pursuing degree programs within the College of Business (both graduate and undergraduate).

Federated Department Stores Honors Scholarship for Business Majors

This scholarship was established to to recognize an outstanding undergraduate Honors Program student who is majoring (major or pre-major) in a College of Business discipline at Northern Kentucky University.

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