Business Scholarships in South Dakota

Beacom Family Business Scholarship

This scholarship is valued at up to $5,000 for one year and is a one-time award presented to talented freshman students who graduated from a South Dakota High School and plan to major in business field within The University of South Dakota’s Beacom School of Business.

Walter A. & Lucy Yoshiko Buhler Scholarship (Business/Fine Arts)

The Buhler Scholarship provides funding equal to the cost of in-state tuition and fees for up to 16 credit hours /semester. The scholarship allows for a one-time international study / travel overseas experience (needs to be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs). The scholarship may be renewed annually for up to 4 years consecutively so long as the recipients maintain a minimum of 3.5 grade avaerage and remain enrolled on the Vermillion campus in the same school / college that the applicant originally applied to.

South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship

This opportunity scholarship provides $5000 over a period of 4 years to a qualifying student who attends an eligible higher education institution in South Dakota. Recipients may participate for the equivalent of 4 academic years (8 consecutive semesters) or until attaining a degree.

Business and Professional Women/USA 2011

Eligible scholarship recipients are women pursuing post-secondary education. Both traditional and non-traditional students are eligible to apply.

SME Sioux Falls

This scholarship is one among four that are annually awarded to sophomores, juniors or senior level students continuing their business-related education in an institution of higher learning in SD. In recent years, finalists have received awards up to $4,000.

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