Business Scholarships in Virginia

VCU School of Business upperclassmen scholarship

Eligible applicants to this Graduate Studies in Business scholarship programs are required to have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and be currently enrolled in a masters or doctoral degree program in the VCU School of Business, students are also required to submit a letter or essay to the School of Business Scholarship Committee expressing their wish to receive a scholarship award. They also have to include and explain involvement in the School of Business, career goals and any supporting reasons for needing scholarship funding. The resume needs to include honors, school and community activities and work experience, etc.Students also need to present a current transcript from eServices.

Business Scholarship for Single Women, Thomas Nelson Community College

This scholarship is open to single women students at Thomas Nelson Community College studying Business/Managerial Operations, Other Business Administration and Management, General Business Operations Support and Secretarial Services, Other and the amount awarded is and can cover tuition fees books.!getDetail.action?scholarshipId=748

TNCC Business Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established for TNCC students pursuing a degree in business at Thomas Nelson Community College in the fields of Business/Managerial Operations, Other, Business Administration and Management, General Business Operations Support and Secretarial Services. The scholarship should be spent on tuition fees books. The amount awarded is $300 and there is only scholarship that is awarded. A minimum college GPA of 2.5 and a minimum high school GPA of 2.5 is required.!getDetail.action?scholarshipId=2790

Academic Scholarship

This scholarship offers an amount up to $10000 and is awarded based on academic performance and test scores prior to attending Southern Virginia University. Eligible students are as follows:Incoming freshman or transfer student. They need to attend Southern Virginia full-time, have a good academic standing. This scholarship is awarded annually, does not need to be renewed and scholarship eligibility is evaluated after the summer term to ensure that the student meets certain minimum academic performance criteria. These criteria are subject to change at any time. Scholarship retention is based on a pre-set scale.

Marriott Minority Entrepreneurs

This scholarship awards up to $3000.00 to business majors of a minority. A certified official transcript must be mailed with the application.

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