Business Scholarships in Washington


Eligible applicants are as follows: current undergraduate Foster School students, current UW students who are applying to the Foster School, transfer students who have applied to both the UW and the Foster School, International students who have been admitted to the Foster School, International students who have applied to both the UW and the Foster School, Freshman Direct students who are in their sophomore-senior years in the Foster School. Students must be full-time undergraduate students, must have an average of 12 credits per quarter over three quarters, for a total of 36 credits during the awarding year, accommodations can be made for a one-quarter internship as long as the applicant will be enrolled for three of the four quarters during the academic year. This scholarship needs to be applied to annually.

BEDC Fellowships ( UW Foster School Business and Economic Development Center)

The scholarship awards annually an amount of $2,500 in scholarship funding to students who are interested in becoming leaders in the Young Executives of Color Program.

UWT Business Administration Scholarship

UWT Business Administration Scholarship awards an annual amount of $2000

Business Scholarship Fund for Native American Students

Eligible students are those full-time undergraduate students who are members of a federally recognized tribe within the State of Washington and have a GPA of 2.8 or higher

Milgard School of Business scholarship

This scholarship provides up to $4,500 per year to selected students. Scholarship recipients are expected to particpate in a learning opportunity (undergraduate research, tutoring, voluntary income tax preparation (VITA), or service to the program). Each of these provides a unique opportunity to expand skills and experience. In addition to maintaining a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA and completing an average of 36 credit hours (12 credits per quarter), each student must contribute approximately 20 hours each quarter in their selected learning opportunity.

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