DVNF Scholarships

Disabled Veterans National Foundation offers a limited number of yearly DVNF scholarships that can be used to help a veteran fund tuition that may not be covered by the Montgomery or Post 9/11 G.I. Bills. SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION A total of up to 50 yearly $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to Veterans to help them continue […]

Prep yourself to find the right Scholarship for you

Just by typing in the one keyword Scholarship into the appropriate search bar on one of the popular search engines and you will receive close to two million results in approximately sixteen seconds. The World Wide Web offers free and easily accessible information in abundance, leaving the potential scholarship seeker wondering how on earth it […]

Religion Based Scholarships

One of the most longstanding scholarship programs internationally are those that are based in religion. Religion is an enormous force in the lives of many individuals and seeking out a scholarship based upon their core religion may be suitable for them. In fact, some of the oldest universities in the United States are ones started […]

Scholarships for Engineers

Engineering is a career choice that may take on many forms. Some may choose electrical engineering, others civil engineers and still others may opt for architectural engineering.  The essential similarity between all of these is that engineering involves the practical application of a variety of scientific studies. In essence, it is taking scientific information and […]

Various Scholarships for Single Moms

Single moms have a duty to financially support their young children, either with or without regular child support payments. The unfortunate truth is that millions of children in the United States are being supported only by their single mothers, with the fathers not providing any support whatsoever. While some single moms are able to adequately […]

State Specific Scholarships for Single Mothers

For cash strapped single moms around the United States, the only way that they will ever have the option of attending college is via scholarships and grants. Because of their circumstances, there are typically a variety of funds available to them if they just take the time to seek them out. While in some cases […]

Scholarships for Young Single Mothers

Being a single mom is incredibly difficult. Between physical exhaustion, emotional fatigue and financial pressures, it seems that single mothers are on duty 24-hours a day. If you add to that a single mom who is very young or perhaps even a teenager, the strain can often be more than they can bear. Single mothers […]

Scholarship Programs For Single Mothers Aspiring To Become Teachers

Historically, teaching has been a profession that is very desirable for mothers. One of the primary reasons is that moms are able to keep the same schedule as their children and have summers off at the same time that their kids are on vacation. For single moms, teaching has many additional benefits. First, teachers typically […]

Scholarships for Gulf War and Desert Storm Veterans

The Gulf War officially occurred between the time period of August 1990 and February 1991. However, the subsequent Operation Desert Storm actually lasted until late 1995. There were coalition forces from the UK, Canada, Australia, the Arab League and the United States involved in this action. It is now more than two decades since the […]