College Grants and Scholarships

Preparing to go to college is a very exciting time in a young adult’s life. As visions of independence, freedom, and intellectual conversations with peers lasting well into the night may fill the students head, the reality of the financial piece of that education needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. As thrilling as a college stint may be, practical matters much be taken care of so that the student may attend school without a fiscal burden in the back of their minds.
For the college enrollee, there are actually several options when it comes to available college grants and scholarships. While some are tied to particular schools or major, there are many that are given without such affiliations. The process for all, however, starts with the completion of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. This form, easily accessed via the Internet, is the first stop on your pathway to funding a college level education. This form is also a requirement for the federal Pell Grant, which is currently valued at $5,500 per year per applicant.
In fact, even if you apply for private financial aid most of the organizations will still require a completed FAFSA. This will give them a baseline when it comes to your financial need and your plans for college. Even if you are an older individual planning to attend college, the FAFSA and related financial aid information will still be required.
Because of the abundance of scholarships, grants and low interest loans, there should be no reason for a student to take out a high interest loan simply to attend college. By spending a little bit of time, a realistic financial aid package can be created for the student. College grants and scholarships are available for every conceivable major and university.
Many applications for college grants and scholarships will require academic transcripts. Depending on the level of education you are attempting, these transcripts may be high school level or college level. Several college grant and scholarship programs will also require letters of recommendation, so it is suggested that those are ready at the time of application as well. Applicants may ask for these letters from teachers, employers, members of the clergy or local community leaders. Having everything fully prepared in advance of completing the required applications for college grants and scholarships will assure that the process will move as smoothly as possible.

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