Government Grants for Moms

For many moms, they spend a great portion of their lives devoted to their children’s every need and do whatever they can to ensure that they are happy, healthy and successful. At the same time, some moms neglect their own needs and desires while they put themselves on the backburner. Most savvy therapists and life coaches advise against this and uniformly claim that the best way that a mom can take care of her family is by taking care of her own well-being first.

This is great advice and one that most American moms should truly take to heart. One of the best ways that they can take care of themselves is by obtaining government grants, heading back to college and bettering themselves so that they can provide a brighter future for their children. At the same time, mom can take a break from her kids as she is opened up to a world of new career choices. Overall, this is a great plan for both moms and kids alike.

The federal government is also keenly aware that if moms are given a college level education and are thereby better able to support their family, their dependence on government aid and assistance will subsequently wane. Therefore, the government is providing to the moms via grants an investment in both their future as well as the future of the United States. Again, it looks like both sides win in a situation such as this.

Government grants are monies that are provided to moms who are either returning to college to finish their studies or who are just now starting out at college freshman. These grants are geared towards those that are experiencing monetary difficulty and the actual amount of the grant will fluctuate dependent on the individual financial need of the applicant. Presently, the most that the applicant can receive is $5,500 per year via a Pell grant. This amount was increased by President Barack Obama in 2009 and may very well drop close to the $5000 range in the coming years. The average cost for full-time college tuition at a junior college (which is where many of these moms begin their studies) is currently approximately $3,000. Therefore, this government grant money would in many cases pay for the entire school expense depending on the applicant’s current financial situation.

For those opting to go directly to a 4 year institution, the average cost for a public college is about $8,000. In those cases, the government grants that are available would cover more than 50% of the expenses. Still, this goes a long way towards a solid investment in a mom’s future which translates to a better life for both her and her children.

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