Mothers Can Use Free Scholarship And Grant Money to Return To School

President Obama has been on a mission to try several avenues in order to jumpstart the US economy. One of his initiates has been aimed at helping people to attain more stable employment or, in some cases, obtain any employment at all. One of the premier programs that he has developed is the “Mothers Go Back To School” grant program, which was initiated very shortly after President Obama took office in early 2009. Whether married or single, this college grant and scholarship program for mothers is a great way to make the leap into higher education.

Going back to school can seem like a daunting task to a mother who is already stretched to the limit by working and running a household. However, in order to get the best possible job and provide a stable financial picture for her entire family, most mothers need to obtain a college degree. With the scholarship and grant funds now made available by President Obama, the process for these mothers has just been made easier. With no guarantee regarding how long these scholarship and grant programs for mothers will be available, there is no time to wait.

It is important for mothers to remember that getting a college education no longer means leaving the home. There are many online universities today that are more convenient for a student who doesn’t have a lot of free time and who doesn’t always know when they will ever have an open schedule. Taking classes on the Internet means you generally don’t have to be “in class” at any particular time and mothers obtaining their college degree can therefore make their own schedule.

While Pell Grants have been around for a while the new program instituted by President Obama actually does two things: It raises the actual amount you can get for a Pell Grant and it increases approval rates for single mothers. If you’re interested in pursuing these funds, you should first choose a college or university. Make sure the school offers the degree program that you would like to pursue and is a good fit for your lifestyle. Then fill out and turn in a deferred FAFSA form to the Financial Aid Department of your chosen college.
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