Obama College Scholarships for Single Dads

While a great deal of attention has recently been given to single mothers who attempt to return to college, single dads themselves are also trying to better themselves by obtaining a college degree. In many industries, this can mean the difference between remaining at the bottom of the corporate structure and rising to the top as a star in your field. For single fathers that have put off getting their advanced degree, this is turning out to be a very opportune time to turn that around. In fact, President Obama is making it easier for these single dads to get the education they want and deserve.

Via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 which was signed into law by President Barack Obama in the spring of 2010, funds are now made available for single dads who are ready to obtain a college education. This money is available for public school, private colleges and even online study programs. In the busy world of a single dad, many are finding that online classes are a perfect fit for their lifestyle. However, the scholarship money that is being provided to single dads must only be used for an accredited college level program.

The first thing that a single dad looking for scholarship money must do is fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (commonly referred to as FAFSA) form. This form is a governmental instrument that will be used in determining the amount of scholarship or grant money that the single dad will qualify for. The form is simple to fill out and is very user friendly. Administered by the United States Department of Education, the FAFSA form is a requirement for any federally funded financial aid.

The scholarship money that President Obama has provided for single dads actually comes in two forms. First, approximately $5,000 in Pell Grants will be distributed to qualified applicants. Because this is a grant and not some sort of loan, it will not need to be repaid at all. Second, the ARRA has provided a $4,000 tax credit for similarly qualified applicants. This tax credit for college tuition does, however, require that recipient perform at least 100 hours of community services at a federally approved location in order to receive the full tax credit. The credit is applied towards any owed taxes and if the single dad does not owe any taxes, then the amount is actually refunded to him.

This fantastic scholarship program initiated by President Obama in an effort to help single dads has been extended through 2012 and there has been some talk about further extensions occurring. Now is a great time for single fathers to finish their college level education and provide a solid economic future for their family.

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