Raising Awareness Of British Students Driven To Study In The US To Various Sources Of Academic Financial Assistance

Rising tuition fees and the limited number of places at UK universities is certainly one of the main driving factors pushing British students towards US academic institutes or in other words, study overseas. Many inquiries into undergraduate study in the US have been carried out and students have begun to realize that in order for them to acquire an academic higher education the realistic thing to do is to apply overseas. The following is an example of the growing number of British students studying in the US

  • Record 8,861 UK students studying in the US in 2009-10, despite the recession in 2008
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests British student interest is set to rise dramatically in 2011-12 and beyond, as rising tuition and limited places in the UK drive students to study abroad

With rising academic fees being a central reason as to the flow of students to the US the subject of the request for scholarships has also become a central part of the equation. International Students can apply for and receive academic scholarships in the US.

There are a number of international organizations and institutes that offer various channels that can be followed through in order to facilitate the process of applying for scholarships. Other than the Fulbright Organization, quoted above there are various other sources that offer assistance.

For example, it is duly noted that higher education in the US is expensive but accessing search sites will present results as to listing of grants, scholarships, loan programs, financial calculators to assist in creating financial assessments of the sums involved among other pieces of information that these sites offer. The following suggestion might appear to be irrelevant because you might think that you have already exhausted this option seeing as you are searching for a scholarship but sometimes it is worth giving it another chance. Sometimes it is worthwhile to turn to your family. You can never know what results might come of your actions and in this situation it is worth exploring all of your options.

Another suggestions is to research all the possible organizations and companies, charities etc in your home country, city etc. This is because perhaps you could find some sort of grant / scholarship that would help you in addition to any other scholarships that you will be able to win. It is worthwhile checking the American Embassy in your home city because there might be some sort of relevant scholarship that could suit your skills and academic program of choice.

Regardless or not of whether you have a scholarship another option worth considering is a private international student loan. International students are eligible for such a loan if they have a US citizen or a permanent resident willing to co-sign and this will be acceptable as long as you attend an approved and recognized academic institute.

Whatever form of financial assistance and scholarships you have, careful planning and thorough research will always help optimize results in every aspect of your life both in the long and short term.

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