Scholarship for Suicide Survivors

For people who love a loved one to suicide, the pain is crushing and long-lasting. Individuals can find themselves stuck within grief for months or years at a time with very little light at the end of a depressed tunnel.  They may feel lost, helpless, saddened and lonely. In many ways, only someone who has lost someone they love to suicide can truly understand the depth of this sort of pain.

In an effort to somewhat mitigate this overwhelming sense of loss and grief, many individuals opt to initiate a scholarship in the name of their loved one. In this way, the memory of the loved one lives on in a positive and life affirming manner.  Additionally, something very constructive can be created out of profound tragedy.

Some grieving family members even choose to establish a scholarship fund at the time of the funeral. This means that funeral attendees can contribute to a very worthwhile cause even as they are in the midst of such sadness. It brings hope and light to an otherwise seriously dismal set of circumstances. Therefore, many of these scholarships are intensely personal to the scholarship fund administrators and in turn to the recipient, who may feel a strong need to properly honor the memory of the scholarship namesake.

Eleanor Bennett Scholarship

This intensely personal scholarship fund was established by Eleanor Bennett, a woman who lost both her husband and her son to suicide. The fund is intended to aid in advancing the efforts of suicide prevention. The scholarship is a one-time award of up to $500. To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must be actively participating in activities related to suicide prevention within the United States. Also required is a 250 word essay that outlines the suicide prevention activity that the applicant is undertaking and how is applies to their course of education.

The Kristin Rita Strouse Foundation

The Kristin Rita Strouse Foundation was developed by her parents in response to Kristin’s suicide in October 2001. The scholarship is designed to support students entering programs that increase awareness of mental health issues.  The value of the scholarship varies from year to year and it is available to high school students.

Always Remember Never Surrender Endowment

This scholarship is available to junior or senior psychology majors who express an interest in study mental health issues and how it relates to suicide awareness and prevention. The scholarship was developed by Sam Lustgarten at Colorado State University and is available to only students at that school.

Drake Davis Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established in memory of Drake Davis, who took his own life on January 4, 2006. The scholarship is awarded to high school seniors who exemplify leadership, community service commitment and excellence of character.  The recipient of the scholarship will be given $1,000 to use towards college related expenses. Applicants must also submit to the Drake Davis Scholarship Board of Directors a short essay explaining what the scholarship would mean to them.

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