Scholarships for Descendants of Vietnam War Casualties

The Vietnam War was a conflict that occurred between the years of 1955 and 1975. A war based in Vietnam, this two decades long engagement involved countries from both communist forces (including North Vietnam, North Korea and the Soviet Union) and anti-communist forces (including South Vietnam, the United States, and Australia).

Due to the long nature of this war, a total of more than 400,000 individuals lost their life in battle. The United States alone suffered 58,220 casualties. In the wake of such bloodshed were wives and children left behind. And in the decades that then followed, there were grandchildren who had lost a grandparent to the Vietnam War.

In an effort to never forget the war or the loss of life, several organizations opted to develop scholarships to help for the college level education of descendants of Vietnam War casualties.  In some cases the scholarships are in honor of a single individual who lost his life while in other cases they are simply generalized tributes to the heroes of the Vietnam War.

VietNow National

VietNow National is a group that is based in Rockford, Illinois.  In order to qualify for their scholarship program, applicants must be the son, daughter or grandchild of a Vietnam War service member that was either killed in action or remains missing.  Additionally, awardees must be under age 35 (although high school students are not eligible to apply).  Each scholarship in this program is valued at $500-$2000. Additionally, two to seven awards are issued from this scholarship fund each year. This scholarship program is available to individuals who plan to attend a four year college, two year college, any university, vocational program or occupational schooling.

Mike Nash Memorial Fund

In 1991 the Mike Nash Memorial Fund was established. The scholarship is named in honor of a man who was very active in the organization Vietnam Veterans of America and was thoroughly committed to the cause of Vietnam War POW (Prisoner of War) and MIA (Missing in Action) military personnel.  This scholarship fund applies to Vietnam era veterans, their children, grandchildren and widows. Further, the scholarship will aid in paying for costs related to an undergraduate degree. The value of this scholarship varies from year to year.

Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. (VVnW) Scholarship Program

This scholarship is available to members of VVnW, their spouse, children, stepchildren, foster children and any immediate descendants. In order to qualify for this scholarship the applicant must have already been accepted to a post-secondary education program. The funds distributed relative to this scholarship may be used for anything related to post-secondary education, including tuition, housing, books, fees and related expenses. This is not a need based scholarship, so applicants of all income levels are welcome to apply. The minimum amount distributed per awardee is $1,000.

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