Scholarships for Engineers

Engineering is a career choice that may take on many forms. Some may choose electrical engineering, others civil engineers and still others may opt for architectural engineering.  The essential similarity between all of these is that engineering involves the practical application of a variety of scientific studies. In essence, it is taking scientific information and applying it in a real world setting.

Most universities across the United States, as well as around the world, offer some sort of engineering degree. In many cases, in order to obtain gainful employment these students will need not just their Bachelor’s Degree but also their Master’s Degree. This will put them in the best position to obtain either a public or private sector job after graduation.

Because such a time commitment is involved with obtaining an engineering degree, it only stands to reason that a serious monetary commitment is involved as well. While federal and private loans programs are available, many engineering students choose to obtain a scholarship or series of scholarships for their studies.

Access Your Future Scholarship

This engineering scholarship is exclusively for students who are interested in pursuing a career in diesel engineering. The award is provided by RDO Equipment Company and offers up to $8,000 in scholarship funding. An in-person interview is required for this engineering scholarship.

Water Works Operators Association of Pennsylvania (WWOAP) Scholarship

This award is only for members of WWOAP or their dependents who are interested in an engineering degree that relates to the water supply industry. While the applicant must reside in the state of Pennsylvania, they may attend an out-of-state school. Two awards in the amount of $2,500 are issued annually.

State Dam Safety Officials Scholarship

This engineering scholarship is valued at up to $10,000 and is given to senior undergraduates who plan a career in dam safety and civil engineering. Other acceptable related disciplines include hydraulics, hydrology or design and constructions of dams.  This award may be used at any accredited US university.

SAE Engineering Scholarship

The Society of Automotive Engineers offers a variety of scholarships, including some for high school seniors planning to major in engineering. These are merit based scholarships wherein academic excellence, including standardized testing scores, must be established for the scholarship committee. The value of the scholarships varies year to year. SAE also offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate level students.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is given to 16 undergraduates every year who are members of ASME and planning a mechanical engineering career. The value each award is $1,500 and is based upon academic achievement. This award is for US residents only and must be used at a university located within the United States.

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