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When it comes to a college education, the pinnacle of success for most people is Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While Harvard no doubt offers a superior college education, it also comes at a steep price. In fact, the current cost of attendance (including related expenses such as room and board) is more than $50,000 per year. Compared to a state school which costs about $20,000 per year, this is pricey indeed.

Still, there is serious and endless value in a Harvard education. If a student is lucky enough to get accepted to a school such as Harvard, everything should be done to ensure their successful attendance at this revered university. This is where scholarships can prove to be absolutely essential. Following are some great scholarships for a Harvard education.

Allen D. and Marion L. Rubin Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund was created in 1981 and is only available to Harvard students who are of the Jewish faith. Additionally, the scholarship committee looks for students that have strong leadership skills and have a proven financial need for the scholarship. They are also interested in applicants that have firm career goals in place and can articulate them.

The value of the scholarship for Harvard University varies from year to year.

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Ayala Scholarship Fund, 1996

The Ayala Scholarship fund, which was started in 1996, is designed for students attending Harvard who meet any of the following criteria:

* Citizens of the Philippines
* Asian nationals
* American students of Filipino descent
* Students of Filipino or Asian history, languages, or       other related subjects

This Harvard University scholarship provides full tuition to whomever they select for the award.

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1902 World War Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is a legacy only scholarship. This means that only individuals who had relatives who graduated from Harvard in 1902 are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Applicants should be prepared to fully establish their lineage to a 1902 graduate. Additionally, preference is given to individuals who can show that they also had relatives that died in World War I.

The value of this scholarship for Harvard varies from year to year.

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Harvard Club of Delaware

This scholarship was first offered in 1945 and is intended for students attending Harvard who hail from the state of Delaware. Interested parties must establish via the application process that they were born and raised in Delaware. Additionally, the application process requires a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate.  This group also offers summer scholarships for Harvard for teachers and educators to attend special graduate level programs at Harvard during the summer months.

This Harvard University scholarship generally covers the entire cost of tuition plus an annual stipend.

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