Scholarships for Horticulture Students

The college major of horticulture involves the study of plants and their cultivation. Many people feel that this study is both a science and an art, in that cultivating and cross-breeding of plants takes a seriously creative mind. Further, there tends to be an innate beauty to the plants themselves. The plants involved in the study of horticulture can involve flowers, fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants.

Many students that study horticulture in college go into the research field. They may study plants and create hybrids of plants that will sustain our environment. Further, they will provide a bounty of fresh and healthy food for our population to enjoy. One of the recent focuses in the field of horticulture is the creation of “super foods” that are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Is short, the college major of horticulture combines a variety of skill sets and is a intriguing line of study for any student.

Many horticulture majors also go on to work in the field of agriculture, either in the farming, research or development venues. For anyone interested in working with plant life, a horticulture degree is a clear-cut fit for them.

Vic and Margaret Ball Floriculture Scholarship

This scholarship, which is actually tied to an internship, is valid only at Washington State University. Upon successful completion of the internship piece of the program, the applicant will receive a scholarship valued at $1,500 to $6,000.

Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS) Scholarship

In order to qualify for this horticulture scholarship, eligible applicants must be sponsored by a current PGMS member and be in their first year of college. The scholarship committee gives preference to applicants that have good grades, previous or current employment in the horticulture industry and involvement in professional horticulture related organizations.

The Catherine H. Beattie Fellowship in Conservation Horticulture

This scholarship is for students that are interested in studying the conservation of rare and endangered flora throughout the United States. Further, this award is available only to graduate level students. The award is named for former Garden Club of America president Catherine H. Beattie. One annual research grant is in the amount of $400 is given each year.

American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) Research Fellowship

This award is available to both undergraduate and graduate students that are interested in studying daylilies in a research capacity. The grant has a maximum value of $2,000 and may be renewed by the awardee twice, for a total of three years of scholarship funds. To qualify for the renewal, the awardee must submit an annual research report to the scholarship committee for their review.

Harold Bettinger Scholarship

Harold Bettinger was a partner in a large farm in Ohio and this scholarship fund was developed in his honor. This program is open to both US citizens as well as international students. Qualified applicants must be studying both business and horticulture in an attempt to apply both professional skills to the business end of the agriculture field. The amount of this scholarship is $500-$2,000.

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