Scholarships for Marine Biology Majors

Marine biology is the study of life in the ocean and other saltwater environments, such as wetlands. In some sub-specialties of marine biology, individuals may study the effect of marine life on humans or look for different methods of preserving and protecting oceanic inhabitants.

Marine biology majors have their choice of either private sector or public sector employment. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a federal agency that employs several hundred marine biologists around the globe. Marine biologists may also work for local governments, state governments, universities, museums, aquariums, or private research labs.

There are also opportunities for research as well as sub-specialties such as marine biotechnology or molecular biology.  Because of this, many people with marine biology degrees go directly into a career in research. Not every college in the United States offers marine biology programs, but there are plenty of options for prospective students. Further, there are several scholarships especially designed for marine biology majors.  Some of the best colleges offering marine biology degrees include University of Washington, University of California, Utah State University, Cornell and Texas A&M.

Brian M. Shamel Memorial Scholarship

This marine biology scholarship is valid only for candidates planning to attend Southeast Missouri State University.  Additionally, applicants must be planning a career in the research and saving of bottlenose dolphins. This is a financial needs scholarship, so income levels must be shown to the scholarship committee. The amount of this award varies each year.

The John Colucci Jr Memorial Scholarship

This award is explicitly for studies at the University of North Carolina.  A total of $3,500 in scholarship money is awarded to either undergraduate or graduate level students who are studying marine biology. This scholarship is based upon both academic merit as well as financial need.

Budweiser Conservation Scholarship Program

A minimum of ten scholarships valued at up to $10,000 is issued under this program. The scholarship funds may be used for tuition, fees, books, room and board, or any other college related expense. Recipients must be at least 21 years of age and are eligible for one scholarship award. Qualified applicants must have a commitment to issues affecting fish, wildlife and plant conservation. This is a merit based scholarship wherein applicants must show academic excellence.

Handloser Graduate Tuition Grant Program

This marine biology scholarship is for students preparing to enter graduate or Master’s level studies. This is an academic merit scholarship and is only valid in the state of California. A 750-word academic essay is required for this scholarship, which covers the cost of tuition only.

John C. Bajus Scholarship

This $1000 marine biology scholarship is available to full time students only and is limited to Marine Technology Society members. This is an academic merit based scholarship and preference is given to students who have established a strong record of community service, community involvement and/or volunteering.

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