Scholarships for Single Moms Wanting to Become Nurses

Being a mother, and especially a single mother, is an inherently nurturing and caring role. Whether it is caring for a sick child in the middle of the night, making certain that babies are well fed or searching for the best possible school for older children, being a caring and compassionate individual is the hallmark of being a mother. For those that are single moms, the duties are obviously doubled and they may have to stretch themselves even further.

Many single moms choose to take this nurturing spirit and translate it into a career in nursing. As an added bonus, most nursing careers provide the schedule flexibility that single moms desperately need as they try to manage both their jobs and their family life. In fact, nurses have the option of working full-time, part-time, days, nights, 12-hour shifts or only on the weekends.

However, in order to get started on their career in nursing most single moms will need a financial edge. Sadly, many of these single mothers do not get adequate child support and in many cases they may get none at all. In these cases, a scholarship for their college education is an absolute must.

Michigan Neuroscience Nursing Scholarships

Neuroscience is a very high tech field and single mothers with an acutely analytical mind may choose to go into this particular field of nursing. In Michigan, Saginaw Valley State University offers a scholarship program specifically for this field of nursing. Eligible applicants may be enrolled either full-time or part-time and must maintain a 3.00 GPA in order to qualify.

Minority Nurse Magazine Scholarship Program

For single mothers who may also be a minority, the Minority Nurse Magazine offers a scholarship program designed just for them.  This scholarship is for nursing students who are attempting to obtain their Bachelor’s degree. There are a total of eight scholarships issued annually. There are four each in the amount of $500 and $1000.

National Presbyterian College Scholarship

Single Presbyterian moms have a scholarship program intended just for them by the National Presbyterian Church of the USA. This scholarship program is for third and fourth year undergraduate students and will cover not just nursing programs but also education, religious studies, sacred music or social sciences. To qualify for this $1,500 scholarship applicants must be in good academic standing and have at least a 2.5 GPA.

Illinois Hospital Research and Education Foundation Scholarships

For single moms residing the in the Midwestern state of Illinois, the Illinois Hospital Association provides a scholarship program to fit their needs. Several awards in the amount of $1,000 are provided to qualified applicants each year. The student must be enrolled in a nursing program in the state of Illinois.

Gardner Foundation Education Scholarship

Single mothers that are members of the Infusion Nursing Society may qualify for this scholarship program. Two awards in the amount of $1,000 are provided each year and recipients may only receive the award one time.

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