Scholarships for Young Single Mothers

Being a single mom is incredibly difficult. Between physical exhaustion, emotional fatigue and financial pressures, it seems that single mothers are on duty 24-hours a day. If you add to that a single mom who is very young or perhaps even a teenager, the strain can often be more than they can bear.

Single mothers typically do not have the maturity to handle so many demands at once and may rely heavily on their family and close friends for various types of support. In many cases, the best way for a young single mom to establish any sort of fiscal security for herself and her young child is via a college level education. Even if the young single mom decides to attend college on only a part-time basis, this is a step in the right direction towards economic comfort.

Additionally, young single moms may find that time away from their children may actually make them a better parent. They will return from their time at college classes refreshed, inspired and prepared to deal with parenting a young child. Just being out in the world and making a solid plan for her future is sure to make the young single mom hopeful about whatever life holds in store for her.

The R.O.S.E. Fund

This scholarship program for young single mothers is dedicated to moms who have survived domestic abuse. Further, it is for individuals who plan to attend college in New England. Scholarship requirements include letters of recommendation, income verification and letters from non-relatives that attest to the fact that the applicant has escaped domestic abuse at least one year prior to the application process.

Coplan Donohue Single Parent Scholarship

This single mom scholarship is valued at $1,000 per award and the number of recipients from year to year. Further, the scholarship is only for the University of Minnesota. This is not a financial need based scholarship and instead the applicant must be able to prove academic excellence.

Georgia Teen Mother Scholarship

This scholarship program for young single mothers is offered by two families who feel that teen mothers deserve the opportunity to attend college in an ongoing effort to better their lives. The scholarship award is worth $2,000 and is paid directly to the recipients selected college.  Also, applicants must have given birth prior to January 31st of their senior year in high school.

Better a Life Scholarship

In the state of Oregon, the Better a Life Scholarship is available to young single moms. The qualified applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 25. Further, they must be first time freshman at a public, non-profit college in Oregon. This scholarship program for young single moms also requires that the applicants have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA or a score of more than 2650 on the GED exam.


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