Scholarships in Colorado

Colorado Student Grants

Colorado Student Grants is only for Colorado residents. Colorado student aid awards are made by institutions to the students based upon on the state guidelines and according to institutional policies and procedures. Any aid received must be used for tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies or other expenses related to attendance at Colorado institutions.

Colorado Christian University Grant

Scholarship for Undergraduate students attending Colorado Christian University. Applicants must have financial need. Students must file the FAFSA. Deadlines and award amounts may vary.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Essay Contest Scholarship

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Essay Contest Scholarship is available only for the residents of Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming. This kind of Scholarship will help you to become a more effective writer, the topic was about your personal encounter or someone you know has suffered from drug and/or alcohol abuse and you should write at least 600-1000 words. The best Submitted Essay will win the scholarship and the essay may published in Alert Magazine.

EMU National Scholars Program

The EMU National Scholars Program is a four-year award that pays 30 credit hours per year (15 per semester) of differential out-of-state tuition.

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals

The CBYX for Young Professionals program is intended primarily for young adults in business, vocational, scientific, engineering, technical, and agricultural fields, though applicants from all fields are encouraged to apply. This Scholarship is to provide young professionals to be able to improve their knowledge.

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