Scholarships in Hawaii

Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarships

Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarships provides more than 85 different programs and funds established by private foundations, generous individuals, business and other organizations.

NTA Hawai’i – Chuck Yim Gee Scholarship

NTA Hawai’i – Chuck Yim Gee Scholarship is for Hawaii residents but if you are not a resident of Hawaii you can present your passport as proof that you are staying in Hawaii. NTA Hawai’i – Chuck Yim Gee Scholarship offers full time or part-time undergraduate programs to students enrolled in travel tourism or hospitality related programs also offering a 4 year course.

Korean University Club Scholarship

Korean University Club Scholarship provides academic scholarships to students of Korean ancestry since 1950. The Korean University Club of Hawaii ancestry continues the intent of its founder in promoting and understands the ancestral heritage, culture, participating in different community affairs and providing educational opportunities

Centennial Scholars Program Making a Commitment to Hawai‘i’s Best and Brightest

Centennial Scholars Program Makes a Commitment to Hawai‘i’s Best and Brightest and provides $1,000 per year to Hawai’s qualified students and who also happen to be residents. This program also provides different scholarship programs in Hawaii. Proof of limited financial resources needs to be presented and one can receive an application from them.

R.W. ‘Bob’ Holden Scholarship

R.W. ‘Bob’ Holden Scholarship provides scholarships to students from the field of hotel industry and also these students need to be residents of Hawaii.

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