Scholarships in Kentucky

Kentucky College Access Program Grants

The College Access Program (CAP) helps and provides scholarships for those students who have a limited source of income to continue their educational studies.

Kentucky Early Childhood Development Scholarships

Kentucky Early Childhood Development Scholarships helps to improve and upgrade the professional development of child-care workers and trainers. The scholarship also provides financial assistance, to the extent of available funds in the form of non repayable tuition of scholarship.

Kentucky Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund

The Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund (NISF) provides scholarships to Kentucky residents who will be attending approved pre-licensure nursing programs and could be a registered nurse, practical nurse or graduate of nursing programs. NISF scholarships may be used for cost of living expenses, as well as school expenses.

Environmental Protection Scholarship

The Environmental Protection Scholarship is fully open and available for juniors, seniors and even graduate students who are attending any public universities in Kentucky. This award covers the cost of tuition, room, board, books, and fees. Recipients of this award are obligated to work for the Kentucky Department for Environment Protection for one year for each year of scholarship support.

Kentucky Teacher Scholarship Program

The KHEAA Teacher Scholarship Program provides financial aid to highly qualified students who wish to continue their education and especially those students who pursue an initial teacher certification at participating Kentucky institutions.

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