Scholarships in Missouri

Missouri Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Research Internships

The main goal of these collaborative partnerships with NASA is to engage, to improve and to prepare young researchers, engineers, and scientists for NASA’s future missions. The Undergraduate students of research internship are fully open to the students who are attending NASA-Missouri Space Grant Consortium affiliates including the University of Missouri- Columbia and many more.

Missouri Bankers Foundation Scholarship

The Missouri Bankers Foundation Scholarship is fully designed to encourage the students to continue their educational studies and careers in the field of banking. This program includes seven $500 scholarships offered to high school seniors to enroll as a full time courses and majors in the field of banking.

Community Foundation of the Ozarks Scholarship Program

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks proudly administers some 250+ scholarships as a service to the community. A large proportion of the scholarships will be awarded to those students who are graduating high school seniors, however a growing number are now to available students currently enrolled in college or university.

Missouri Public Service Survivor Grant Program

The Public Service Officer or Employee’s Child Survivor Grant Program provides full tuition to those dependent children and spouses of public safety officers or Missouri Department of Transportation employees who are involved in the construction or even maintenance of the State’s highways, roads and bridges and or who were killed or permanently disabled in the line of their duty.

Charles Gallagher Student Financial Assistance Program

Charles Gallagher Student Financial Assistance Program is available to Missouri residents who are interested in completing a full time undergraduate student attending a participating Missouri postsecondary institution. For more details regarding for the other offers of scholarship is feel free to visit the website.

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