Scholarships in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Academic Promise Scholarship

The CollegeBoundfund Academic Promise Scholarship is designed to recognize their academic promise to qualified Rhode Island students who can demonstrate their academic promise. This program is looking for students who are in need of financial assistance and can maintain their academic promise.

The Rhode Island Foundation Scholarships

The Rhode Island Foundation Scholarship currently manages over 150 scholarship funds. This scholarship provides assistance to students at a variety of levels, middle school to post-graduate; it is for scholars across Rhode Island from North Smithfield to Block Island and for many different programs varying from nursing to music. Applicants can also apply through Online.

Rhode Island Tuberculosis & Respiratory Disease Association Scholarship

The Rhode Island Tuberculosis & Respiratory Disease Association Scholarship. This program is annually awarded to undergraduate students who are seniors and attend the University of Rhode Island-Kingston accepted by the accredited medical school. Selection of those who qualify for the scholarship will be based on financial need.

Rhode Island School of Design Scholarships

Rhode Island School of Design is one of the oldest and best known colleges of arts and design in the U.S. Each year this scholarship programs approximately provides 2,300 students from around the world pursuing their creativeness, studio bases education at RISD. This scholarship is for undergraduate students who are enrolled at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Rhode Island State Grant

The Rhode Island State Grant is a need based grant ranging between the amounts of $250 to $700. This scholarship is granted to those who are Rhode Island residents and are; U.S citizens or non residents enrolled at least on a half-time basis in a post secondary program that leads to a undergraduate degree or any certificate and meet all the eligibly requirements of the federal student aid program concerning selective service, drug convictions and loan defaults and can demonstrate financial need.

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