Scholarships in South Dakota

South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship

South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship provides $5,000 scholarship awarded over four years to high school graduates from South Dakota who have completed the high school curriculum and maintain their academic standards. This scholarship is available to residents of South Dakota at the time of high school graduation.

South Dakota Retailers Association Jerry Wheeler Scholarship Program

The South Dakota Retailers Association provides a scholarship for those students who are pursuing a career in retail. Individuals must have graduated from South Dakota High School or be enrolled in retail or such related courses of study at a vocational technical school, college or even university in South Dakota.

Intel PhD Fellowship Program

The Intel PhD Fellowship Program is open to PHD candidates at any selected U.S Universities who are working in the fields of Intel’s business and research interest. The one year fellowship includes a cash award, equipment with Intel architecture.

Harlan and Rita Temple Endowed Scholarship

Harlan and Rita Temple Endowed Scholarship is open to students in South Dakota. Students must be enrolled in an occupational therapy assistant program or any related field in order to be eligible for this kind of award.

Cooperative Studies Scholarships

Cooperative Studies Scholarships is for the college juniors and seniors who are majoring in Agriculture and enrolled in courses on cooperative principles and cooperative business practices at any of the eligible universities within the Cenex market area. The university selects the right recipients based on scholastic achievement and class work of those in cooperative studies.

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