Scholarships in Virginia

Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program

VTAG is a non need-based grant for Virginia residents who are attending and participating in Virginia private Colleges or Universities. The exact amount of each year’s award is determined by the availability of the funds and the total number of eligible students or applicants. If the funds are insufficient to fully award students, it is possible to make an adjustment and some students will receive no awards.

Virginia State Bar Law in Society Essay Competition

The Virginia State Bar and its Litigation Section sponsor an annual essay contest. Virginia high school students are invited to submit their compositions of essay in response to the posted hypothetical, and a chance to win a prize of money and other recognition. All students of Virginia ages 19 or younger and enrolled in grades 9-12 or in home school are equivalent and eligible to submit an essay.

Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association Leo Bourassa Scholarship

The Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association offers two kinds of scholarship for 2008 to Virginia residents who are attending an accredited Virginia college or university. The purpose of the scholarship is to support and acknowledge all the students for their academic and personal accomplishment in the field of water resources.

Virginia Higher Education Teacher Assistance Program

The Virginia Higher Education Teacher Assistance Program was established by SCHEV to help each teacher to address the shortage of teachers in Virginia by assisting undergraduate students who enrolled in a K-12 teacher preparation program. This scholarship program was established for the career of teaching.

Virginia Commonwealth Awards

The purpose of the Virginia Commonwealth Award is to assist undergraduate/graduate students with their financial needs to pay part of their college costs. The funds are directly supported by the institutions. Funds may be used for need based grants in Virginia residents.

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