Scholarships in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship Program

This Academic Excellence Scholarships are awarded to those students in Wisconsin high school seniors who have the highest grade point average in each public or private high school throughout the State of Wisconsin. The number of scholarships of each high school is eligible based on the total number of student enrollment.

Wisconsin Minority Undergraduate Retention Grants

This award scholarship program is made to Winsconsin residents minority undergraduates, excluding first year students who are enrolled at least half time in independent, tribal, or Wisconsin Technical College institutions. According to the statutes, minority students are defined as students who are either African Americans; American Indians; Hispanic; or Southeast Asians from Laos, Cambodia, or Vietnam admitted to the U. S. after December 31, 1975. For this award the scholarship program awards to the students is base don their financial need with a maximum grant of $2,500 per year up to 8 semesters or 12 quarters.

Wisconsin Indian Student Assistance Grants

This program’s awards are made to Winsconsin residents who are at least 25% Native American and Undergraduate or Graduate Students who are enrolled in Degree or Certificate Programs at the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Technical College, Independent Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges, or proprietary institutions based in Wisconsin. This award is based on the financial needs of each student and is limited to 10 semsters.

Wisconsin Bakers Association Scholarship

The WBA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the baking industry by fostering the education of future bakers as well as practicing bakers through scholarships, educational programs, and workshops. Due to the chronic shortage of qualified bakers, the Wisconsin Bakers Association (WBA) started a scholarship fund. This scholarship program was established to encourage the students to pursue a career in baking.

Wisconsin Dental Foundation Grants

The main objective of this scholarship program is to provide financial assistance to efforts aimed at providing dental care and other philanthropic endeavors related to dentistry throughout Wisconsin. This program seeks to increase access to and education on oral health care by encouraging the students to volunteer in the dental health professions community.

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