Single Parent Government Grants

For most single parents, it feels like the financial weight of the world is upon their shoulders. To further complicate matters, past-due child support is owed on more than 30 million American children. To say that single parents suffer financially is an understatement and that picture is looking even bleaker in light of the dismal current economic outlook for the United States. There is no doubt that every single parent needs to do what they can to stabilize and actually improve the finances of their family, whether large or small.

A college degree is a good place for many of these single parents to begin and with the aid of government grants the process is getting progressively easier. As a matter of fact, individuals with college degrees end up making nearly twice the annual salary as compared to their non-degreed counterparts. What better way for a single parent to ensure to continued financial wellbeing of their children than with a college education?

There are several government grant programs available to single parents and it just takes a bit of time to apply for them. There are government grant programs for single parents that cover a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Grants for flight training
  • Government grants to become a teacher
  • Funds to attend community college
  • Grants for single parents with a high SAT score
  • Government grants to obtain a nursing degree
  • Grants for single parents to become a speech pathologist

No matter what course of study the single parent would like to endeavor, there is likely a corresponding government grant for them. There are also generalized government grants that will cover any line of study.  Further, single parents can also apply for several various grants at the same time in an effort to maximize the amount of funds that they have for their trek back to college.

In order to qualify for a government grant for your college education, the single parent must be planning to attend a college that has been formally accredited by the United States Department of Education. A quick view of the US DOE website will reveal all of the accredited institutions.

A government grant for single parents to go to college is money that is given outright by the federal government and does not ever need to be repaid. If the single parent is unable to accrue enough in government grant monies, they can also apply for low interest federal loans to cover the balance of tuition, books, labs charges and college fees.

Single parents who have decided that now is the time to go back to college will find a great deal of fiscal support via government grants for their education. By obtaining their college degree they can be sure to optimize their financial outlook even as their climb the corporate ladder to success.

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