University of Southern California Scholarships

The University of Southern California (USC) actually has several campuses, but they are primarily located in the urban setting of Los Angeles, California. There is also satellite campuses located in Irvine and Marina Del Rey, as well as a few specialties centers around the nation. USC is the oldest research center in the state of […]

Scholarships for Stanford University

When it comes to an outstanding college level education in the beautiful state of California, Stanford University is hard to beat. In fact, for those that want an Ivy League education without leaving the warmth and excitement of the west coast, Stanford University is a great fit for them. Located in chic Palo Alto, California […]

Scholarships for Cancer Survivors

Many times when individuals are told the frightening words, “You have cancer” their world feels like it has comes to a screeching halt. Even more devastating than that is to be told that your child has cancer. Some parents cannot fathom their child making it to high school, much less ever being healthy enough to […]