University of Michigan Scholarships

Located in beautiful Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan is the pride of the Great Lakes when it comes to a premier educational facility. This facility was established in 1817 and currently boasts approximately 42,000 active students. Of this number, 63% are undergraduates and 37% are graduate level students. The University of Michigan has a […]

Scholarship for Suicide Survivors

For people who love a loved one to suicide, the pain is crushing and long-lasting. Individuals can find themselves stuck within grief for months or years at a time with very little light at the end of a depressed tunnel.  They may feel lost, helpless, saddened and lonely. In many ways, only someone who has […]

Scholarships for Stanford University

When it comes to an outstanding college level education in the beautiful state of California, Stanford University is hard to beat. In fact, for those that want an Ivy League education without leaving the warmth and excitement of the west coast, Stanford University is a great fit for them. Located in chic Palo Alto, California […]

Scholarships for Sociology Majors

The study of sociology is defined as the focused study of society and the varying components within different societies. It is a fascinating line of study that was first embraced by the educational community in the late 1800s. At the forefront of the study of sociology as a science was a gentleman from France by […]

Obama College Scholarships for Single Dads

While a great deal of attention has recently been given to single mothers who attempt to return to college, single dads themselves are also trying to better themselves by obtaining a college degree. In many industries, this can mean the difference between remaining at the bottom of the corporate structure and rising to the top […]

Scholarships for Harvard

When it comes to a college education, the pinnacle of success for most people is Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While Harvard no doubt offers a superior college education, it also comes at a steep price. In fact, the current cost of attendance (including related expenses such as room and board) is more than $50,000 […]