Scholarships for Horticulture Students

The college major of horticulture involves the study of plants and their cultivation. Many people feel that this study is both a science and an art, in that cultivating and cross-breeding of plants takes a seriously creative mind. Further, there tends to be an innate beauty to the plants themselves. The plants involved in the […]

Texas A&M Scholarships

Texas A&M has a strong and proud history of both agricultural and mechanical studies, which is what lends to the “A” and “M” in their name. This college, located in College Station, Texas, was established in 1871.  Currently attending Texas A&M are approximately 37,000 undergraduates, 5,000 graduate students and 4,000 doctoral candidates. Rick Perry, the […]

Scholarships for Descendants of Vietnam War Casualties

The Vietnam War was a conflict that occurred between the years of 1955 and 1975. A war based in Vietnam, this two decades long engagement involved countries from both communist forces (including North Vietnam, North Korea and the Soviet Union) and anti-communist forces (including South Vietnam, the United States, and Australia). Due to the long […]

Scholarships for Harvard

When it comes to a college education, the pinnacle of success for most people is Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While Harvard no doubt offers a superior college education, it also comes at a steep price. In fact, the current cost of attendance (including related expenses such as room and board) is more than $50,000 […]