Various Scholarships for Single Moms

Single moms have a duty to financially support their young children, either with or without regular child support payments. The unfortunate truth is that millions of children in the United States are being supported only by their single mothers, with the fathers not providing any support whatsoever. While some single moms are able to adequately […]

State Specific Scholarships for Single Mothers

For cash strapped single moms around the United States, the only way that they will ever have the option of attending college is via scholarships and grants. Because of their circumstances, there are typically a variety of funds available to them if they just take the time to seek them out. While in some cases […]

Scholarships for Young Single Mothers

Being a single mom is incredibly difficult. Between physical exhaustion, emotional fatigue and financial pressures, it seems that single mothers are on duty 24-hours a day. If you add to that a single mom who is very young or perhaps even a teenager, the strain can often be more than they can bear. Single mothers […]

Scholarship Programs For Single Mothers Aspiring To Become Teachers

Historically, teaching has been a profession that is very desirable for mothers. One of the primary reasons is that moms are able to keep the same schedule as their children and have summers off at the same time that their kids are on vacation. For single moms, teaching has many additional benefits. First, teachers typically […]

Mothers Can Use Free Scholarship And Grant Money to Return To School

President Obama has been on a mission to try several avenues in order to jumpstart the US economy. One of his initiates has been aimed at helping people to attain more stable employment or, in some cases, obtain any employment at all. One of the premier programs that he has developed is the “Mothers Go […]

Single and Married Mothers Can Go Back to School With Free Money Using Scholarships and Grants

President Obama is trying a lot of things to get the economy working again. Several of his initiatives are aimed at helping people get better jobs. He’s specifically targeting single mothers in a “mothers go back to school” grant program. Going back to school can seem like an overwhelming task to someone who is already […]

Single Parent Government Grants

For most single parents, it feels like the financial weight of the world is upon their shoulders. To further complicate matters, past-due child support is owed on more than 30 million American children. To say that single parents suffer financially is an understatement and that picture is looking even bleaker in light of the dismal […]

Government Grants for Moms

For many moms, they spend a great portion of their lives devoted to their children’s every need and do whatever they can to ensure that they are happy, healthy and successful. At the same time, some moms neglect their own needs and desires while they put themselves on the backburner. Most savvy therapists and life […]

Obama College Scholarships for Single Dads

While a great deal of attention has recently been given to single mothers who attempt to return to college, single dads themselves are also trying to better themselves by obtaining a college degree. In many industries, this can mean the difference between remaining at the bottom of the corporate structure and rising to the top […]