Texas Scholarships – Tip of the Iceberg…

The aim of this article is to place focus on the Scholarships made available by the State of Texas and will highlight a number of the available scholarships that the State of Texas offers.
Texas offers a variety of Scholarships and grants to those who are ready to actually apply for them. These Scholarships assist the students with their education costs and allow these potential students an opportunity to fulfill their academic goals, perhaps even achieve potential leadership roles and definitely allow each student to further their academic career. Each scholarship has its own criteria and conditions that need to be met. I have made reference to some of the scholarships on offer but I would like to specify that by carrying out a straightforward internet search one can access a longer list of the available scholarships and grants.

I will make reference to some of the Scholarships that have application deadlines during February and March. Those scholarships with August deadlines are irrelevant for this specific article but that is also why I do recommend that if you are interested, do carry out your own research because there are many more offers that are available.

The George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Scholarship awards 70 scholarships to the Houston area high school seniors for those interested in Undergraduate study. The award is $15,000 over a period of 4 years and the scholarship does have requirements that have to be met. Additional information and an application form can be accessed from the Foundation website.

TELACU Scholarship Program sets it deadline for March 17th and offers many scholarships to students in California, Texas, Illinois and New York. There are clear, defined rules and minimum eligibility requirements which can easily be accessed via the website. For those applying from Texas you must be a permanent resident of San Antonio or Austin.

Another Scholarship that I would like to refer to is the Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships. This scholarship differs slightly from those that have already been mentioned simply because in this case the requirements are mainly based on height of those students making the application. Those that will be awarded a scholarship must meet the TCI height standards and the minimum for women is 5’10 and 6’2 for men. If you do meet these conditions and are interested in making an application, I recommend you contact the nearest TCI Member Club to you and ask to be sponsored (TCI Member Clubs can be found online via their website). You should be aware that the only way to begin the process of being considered eligible for receiving this scholarship is if your nearest TCI Member Club has agreed to sponsor you or accept you as their candidate. Without this specific consent you cannot continue with the application.

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